Form-Based Code Case Study: The Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan

The Redwood City Downtown Precise Plan (DTPP) describes the vision for the future of Downtown, regulates private development, and recommends potential future city projects.

The DTPP puts form-based codes into practice, setting standards and guidelines for new development and outlining a streamlined approvals process for projects that meet those standards and guidelines. The DTPP is a useful reference for other jurisdictions seeking to implement a form-based code in combination with project streamlining or by-right zoning. 

The Downtown Precise Plan web page provides many resources associated with the DTTP, including:

  • Staff report from the February 13, 2017 City Council Study Session
  • Proposed Amendments
  • Sections of the DTTP available for download individually
  • Environmental Impact Report

The plan was adopted by the City Council on January 24, 2011. It was amended on September 10, 2012; July 22, 2013; and most recently on May 23, 2016.