Codes for Communities

Etiwanda Heights Neighborhood Plan cover illustration

Created by the Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI)

Form-based codes are land development regulations that support the creation of people-centered urban design and public spaces by prioritizing the regulation of physical form over uses.

The Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) aims to achieve a community vision based on principles of good urbanism. It provides solutions to many of the challenges faced by cities today where conventional use-based zoning has resulted in places that don’t meet the needs of people.

The FBCI Codes for Communities programs connects leaders with local governments to provide advice and guidance on form-based codes and zoning reform.

Assistance includes:

  • Code Review: Evaluating existing zoning codes to assess whether they support other development goals.  
  • Code Audit: Review of an area when a community feels that the form-based code is not supporting the desired development.
  • Code Adjustment: Conduct a review and propose changes to help ensure alignment between codes and the community's vision. 
  • A New Form-Based Code: Partnering with a code writing firm to work with jurisdictions to create a form-based code.

The Form-Based Codes Institute

The Form-Based Codes Institute (FBCI) is a program of Smart Growth America dedicated to promoting form-based codes to create walkable, mixed-use, socially-integrated communities.