"Reforming Parking Policies to Support Smart Growth" Toolbox/Handbook

Aerial of a parking lot.

The "Reforming Parking Policies to Support Smart Growth" toolbox/handbook is designed to assist city officials, technical staff and decision makers with the planning and implementation of parking policies and programs designed to encourage and support Smart Growth and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The focus is on downtowns, neighborhoods and transit station areas in which a major investment has been made to provide regional and local transit accessibility.

This handbook is organized to facilitate quick access to a variety of approaches and programs that can be selected based on the specific characteristics of your community. It includes a toolbox of proven parking management initiatives and actions which can be applied to address a given issue or objective.

Parking Reform Made Easy

This webinar offers an analytic and policy basis for parking requirement reform, with examples of supportive parking management tools for smart growth, and strategies for promoting reform.