East Palo Alto Development Impact Fee Program Nexus Study

The primary purpose of the East Palo Alto Development Impact Fee Program Nexus Study is to provide the necessary technical documentation and nexus analyses supporting the adoption of an impact fee program in East Palo Alto.

Impact fees aim to ensure that new development contributes a fair share of funding to infrastructure improvements including parks and recreation, public facilities, water infrastructure, storm drainage, road improvements and streetscape elements.

To enact a fee program, a city must demonstrate a reasonable and proportional relationship between the fee rate and the impact of anticipated development. This study provides the proof of a nexus between the infrastructure burdens of development growth and the fee exaction.

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) Program

By bringing transit, jobs and housing together in downtowns, along main streets and around rail stations, PDAs help the Bay Area reduce greenhouse gas emissions and begin to solve the region’s housing crisis.