Climate Grant: Mobility Hubs

A person docks their bike at a bikeshare station alongside Muni train tracks in San Francisco.

This grant opportunity is now closed.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) invites eligible Bay Area public agencies to submit project proposals for two available opportunities:

  1. Regional Mobility Hubs program construction or planning and outreach (details below)
  2. Parking management plans or specific planning studies

As part of the Climate Initiatives from Plan Bay Area 2050, both calls seek to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through a decrease in vehicle miles traveled, as well as to advance other regional priorities.

Application Process

Applications were due March 31, 2023 at 4 p.m.

To apply, refer to the materials below:

Pre-Application Workshop

View the video recording of the Pre-Application Workshop that was held on Wednesday, March 1st, 2023.

Eligible Applicants

Cities, counties, transit agencies and county transportation agencies are eligible to apply. Sponsors must also have a demonstrated ability to meet timely use of funds deadlines and requirements.

Mobility Hubs Grant Eligible Activities

A mobility hub is intended to serve as a community anchor and offers a welcoming environment that enables travelers of all backgrounds and abilities to access multiple transportation options – including shared scooters, bicycles and cars, as well as transit – and supportive amenities in a cohesive space. Built on a backbone of frequent and high-capacity transit, mobility hubs are safe, comfortable, convenient and universally accessible spaces to seamlessly transfer across different travel modes.

Two categories of projects are eligible for funding:

  • Category 1: Construction
  • Category 2: Planning and outreach

See more information in the Mobility Hubs Grant Guidance.

Mobility Hubs Playbook

The most competitive applications will include engagement with project partners throughout all project phases so that design, placemaking, implementation, customer service, operations and maintenance follow the best practices described in the Mobility Hubs Implementation Playbook.