Cascading Failures: Earthquake Threats to Transportation & Utilities Report

Seismic retrofit construction at El Cerrito BART Station.

Continuity of infrastructure systems in the wake of a major seismic event is essential for quick recovery of societal and economic functions. 

A single earthquake event is likely to disrupt key infrastructure systems which could result in cascading outages across systems and for residents and businesses.

This report includes a high-level seismic assessment of:

  • Earthquake hazards and scenarios
  • Airports
  • Roads and passenger rail
  • Fuel system
  • Electric system
  • Water system
  • Interdependencies

It was created by the Association of Bay Area Governments and last updated in 2014. It is useful for Earthquake and Local Hazard Mitigation Coordination.

Download the Cascading Failures: Earthquake Threats to Transportation and Utilities report.

Lifelines Interdependency Study

A study of the different lifeline systems operating within the San Francisco city limits and the impact on these systems independently and interdependently following a magnitude 7.9 earthquake on the San Andreas fault in order to help expedite response and restoration planning among lifeline operators.