Bay Area Aging Malls & Office Parks Transformation White Paper

An under-used shopping center in Terra Linda, California.

The Bay Area Aging Malls and Office Parks Transformation White Paper was created to develop an informed Plan Bay Area 2050 implementation strategy and a pilot program that would support local governments, provide useful lessons for the next long-range regional plan and eventually achieve the envisioned equity outcome for the Bay Area.

Staff from ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission reviewed recent research, interviewed staff in jurisdictions with major mall and/or office park redevelopment projects, and conducted cases studies to answer these questions:

  • What are the challenges and barriers to aging malls and office parks redevelopment projects in the Bay Area and other metropolitan areas?
  • What roles should the public/local governments play?
  • What are the opportunities to provide more affordable housing and advance equity?


Transforming Malls & Office Parks

Rendering of the Bay Fair Specific Plan, a transformative vision for 53-acres around the Bay Fair BART station in San Leandro.
By transforming aging malls and office parks into neighborhoods, Bay Area communities could add more than 150,000 homes at all income levels, create new public spaces and provide local services.