Assembly Bill 686: Summary of Requirements in Housing Element Law

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Assembly Bill No. 686 (AB 686) creates new requirements for all state and local agencies to ensure that they take the appropriate actions to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH).

Download AB 686 Summary of Requirements in Housing Element Law (PDF).

Created by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), this document provides a summary of the three main requirements under the AFFH Housing Element Law changes:

  • Conduct an assessment of fair housing in the housing element 
  • Prepare the housing element’s land inventory and identification of sites through the lens of AFFH and the assessment of fair housing
  • Include a program in the housing element to affirmatively further fair housing and promote housing opportunities throughout the community for protected classes

It also includes supplemental information, such as:

  • Referenced government codes
  • A listing of protected classes covered by these codes and federal law 
  • Examples of types of potential AFFH strategies
  • Examples of policies which may pose potential impediments to AFFH

What is a Housing Element?

Housing Element is an opportunity to have a community conversation about how to address local housing challenges and find solutions.