ABAG Competitive Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) Grant Awards

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This Grant Awards Table (PDF) presents a tabulated list of competitive grant awards (totaling $1 million) funded by Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) funds received from the state of California. The awards were approved in May 2021. The awards list is organized by county and jurisdiction and shows the recommended level of funding and proposed activities based on the competitive grant applications. The competitive awards are one part of grant funding being provided to local jurisdictions to support housing-related work in the 2021-2023 period.

FAQs for Grants and Accessing the Bench

Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) grants and Priority Development Area (PDA) grants were awarded to jurisdictions in 2021 to support housing-related planning efforts. Some grants were competitive while others were based on formulas. This FAQ provides an overview and also explains how jurisdictions can use their grant funds to access a “consultant bench” developed by ABAG to make procurement of needed professional services easier and more efficient.