Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Toolkit for Local Governments

Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning Toolkit for Local Governments

This toolkit provides sampling of some of the work done by ABAG, by other local, state and federal partners, by other local governments and by academics on the topic of long-term disaster recovery. It includes some conceptual and theoretical work as well as practical tools such as model ordinances.

Checklists and Plans

The following resources are the top resources designed to assist local governments in navigating disaster recovery. They provide concise directions for actions to take to expedite and streamline the recovery process.

Recovery Ordinances and Tools

This section provides practical, usable tools for cities to adopt ordinances and pieces of policy that can speed recovery. Pieces in this section include policy guidance, recommended actions with explicit instructions and model ordinances.

Recovery Concepts and Frameworks

This section provides fundamental theories and concepts of long-term recovery as distinct from disaster response, with unique players, skills and implications.