Wetland Regional Monitoring Program Plan for San Francisco Estuary

Mark Prado

The Wetland Regional Monitoring Program plan for the San Francisco Estuary is now complete.

Developed by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership and others, the plan will improve wetland restoration project success by putting in place regional-scale monitoring increasing the impact, utility and application of permit-driven monitoring to inform science-based decision making.

Once in place, the plan will be a blueprint for a robust, science-driven, collaborative regional monitoring program. It will include: a monitoring site network, open data sharing platform and a comprehensive science framework. 

The plan, released earlier this month, is the result of two years of work from a committed group of regulators, scientists and restoration groups.

Upcoming program development focuses on determining the funding model and governance structure, developing the data system, conducting outreach to the intended user community and establishing a Technical Advisory Committee in Summer 2020. 

The Estuary Partnership is an ABAG program staffed by MTC working to increase the health and resiliency of the San Francisco Estuary.