Skate, Walk, or Bike The Bay Trail

ABAG commemorates the 20th anniversary of the San Francisco Bay Trail Project. The San Francisco Bay shoreline has seen profound changes since the initiation of the Bay Trail Development Project in 1989. Access to the Bay from San Francisco to San Pablo is now available with trails to suit the needs of hikers, bicyclists, and birdwatchers alike. The 20th anniversary of the Bay Trail marks an exciting time to celebrate how regional collaboration has resulted in the completion of nearly 300 of the planned 500 miles of recreational and alternative commute trails around the Bay. To recognize this milestone, events such as Sunday Streets will be held around the region to celebrate the many ways to experience the expansive San Francisco Bay Trail.

The San Francisco Bay Trail provides region-wide access to commercial, industrial and residential neighborhoods; points of historic, natural and cultural interest; recreational areas, such as beaches, marinas and fishing piers; and over 130 parks totaling over 57,000 acres of open space. The Bay Trail passes through highly urbanized areas, such as downtown San Francisco, as well as remote natural areas, such as the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

A network of waterfront trails connecting all nine Bay Area counties and crossing the major toll bridges in the region, the Bay Trail provides access to recreation and vistas that make the region unique. The scenic waterfront walking and biking trails along the San Francisco Bay also serve as an important transportation link for the San Francisco Bay Area region. It is also important to recognize that as far as the Bay Trail has come, more work and funding are needed to support the completion of the Trail. For more information on the Bay Trail, ways to support Bay Trail projects, and upcoming 20th anniversary events, call 510/464-7900 or visit the website at

The San Francisco Bay Trail Project is a nonprofit organization administered by ABAG to plan, promote, and advocate for implementation of the Bay Trail. To carry out its mission, the Bay Trail Project provides funds for trail construction and ensures consistency with the adopted Bay Trail Plan, provides technical assistance, enlists public participation in trail-related activities, and publicizes the Bay Trail and its benefits to the region.