Plan Bay Area Draft Preferred Scenario Presented

The Plan Bay Area Draft Preferred Scenario was presented to the ABAG Regional Planning Committee and to the ABAG Executive Board last week as well as the Regional Advisory Working Group (RAWG) and the MTC Planning and ABAG Administrative Committees. Cities and counties are invited to review and comment on the Draft Preferred Scenario via email to: and cc: and

October 14th is the deadline for public comments via email at, or via U.S. mail to MTC, 375 Beale Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94105.

A special October Executive Board meeting was requested to hear more from cities and counties. This meeting has not yet been scheduled, but will be open to members of the public. Special session details will be available on the ABAG meetings and agendas page.

All input will be used to refine the preferred scenario before the MTC Commission and ABAG Executive Board are asked to adopt a final preferred scenario at a joint November 2016 meeting.

More information is available at….