Plan Bay Area Draft Preferred Land Use Scenario

Release of the Draft Preferred Land Use Scenario in early September 2016 marks a major milestone toward the development of Plan Bay Area 2040. The Draft Preferred Scenario represents a regional pattern of household and employment growth by the year 2040, and includes a corresponding transportation investment strategy. Full details are available at

Next Steps

With the release of the Draft Preferred Scenario in early September 2016, attention turns to taking public comment on this milestone leading to the Draft Plan Bay Area 2040. Public comments on the Draft Preferred Scenario should be submitted by October 14 to MTC via email at, or via U.S. mail to MTC, 375 Beale Street, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94105.

The Draft Preferred Scenario will be presented at several public meetings, including the Regional Advisory Working Group (RAWG), the MTC Planning and ABAG Administrative Committees, and the ABAG Executive Board. All input will be used to refine the preferred scenario before the MTC Commission and ABAG Executive Board are asked to adopt a final preferred scenario at a joint November 2016 meeting.

All of this work, in turn, will form the foundation for Plan Bay Area 2040, slated for final adoption in 2017.

The presentation and memorandums detailing the Draft Preferred Land Use Scenario, including draft numbers for housing, jobs, transportation investments, and performance targets from the Joint MTC Planning Committee/ ABAG Administrative Committee, September 9, 2016 are available via the website.