Plan Bay Area 2050 January 2021 Update

Plan Bay Area 2050

Welcome to the Plan Bay Area 2050 newsletter!
Here’s what is coming up this month...

Happy New Year! Long-Range Planning Continues

We would like to wish everyone across the Bay Area a Happy New Year. The work of MTC and ABAG continues in accordance with federal and state regulations and this newsletter highlights future actions, milestones and meetings.


Final Blueprint Outcomes Released — Commission & Board to Consider for Approval This Month

On December 18, the Final Blueprint Outcomes were released. Over the past couple of months, MTC and ABAG analyzed the 35 transportation, housing, economic and environmental strategies included in the Final Blueprint to determine how much more progress the region makes toward the Plan Bay Area 2050 Vision.

Next, staff will present the outcomes at the Joint MTC Planning and ABAG Administrative Committee, Policy Advisory Council, ABAG Executive Board, ABAG Regional Planning Committee and the Commission this month. The Commission and ABAG Executive Board are slated to consider adoption of the Final Blueprint as the Preferred Alternative for environmental analysis purposes in January as well.

Additionally, the Draft Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) Methodology and Final RHNA Subregional Shares were released in December. Both integrate Final Blueprint data via the 2050 Households baseline and are up for approval by the ABAG Regional Planning Committee and ABAG Executive Board also this month.

Meanwhile, a second webinar on Plan Bay Area 2050 Final Blueprint Outcomes & Draft RHNA Methodology will be held January 5. Information can be found here. The recording of the first webinar from December is posted to the Plan Bay Area 2050 website here.


Implementation Plan Happenings

The Plan Bay Area 2050 Implementation Plan focuses on the next five years with tangible actions MTC, ABAG and our partners can take to realize the Plan’s adopted Vision and advance the 35 strategies adopted in the Final Blueprint.

We need your help to decide which strategies to accelerate toward implementation in the next one to five years. We’ve launched a new survey to learn your priorities. Please participate in our Implementation Plan survey and help us spread the word to colleagues, friends and neighbors! The survey is available online in English. Links to the survey in Spanish and Chinese will be posted to the PBA website soon. A text-based survey in English is also available by texting “Plan” to 415-639-5040. The Spanish and Chinese versions of the text survey will be available soon.

In addition, we will continue holding focused discussions through January. The purpose of these small-group discussions is to highlight feedback provided at stakeholder meetings held in November, develop potential implementation actions in greater detail, discuss roles for our partners in supporting strategy implementation, and review the next steps of the Implementation Plan process as we move into spring and summer 2021.
These meetings are open to local jurisdictions, other public agencies, non-profit organizations, and other planning stakeholders; they can be scheduled online by visiting the Implementation Plan page on the Plan Bay Area 2050 website.

The Implementation Plan will return to the Regional Advisory Working Group (RAWG) and then MTC and ABAG committees in February.



What’s Next For 2021

The Draft Plan Bay Area 2050 Document, Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Draft Implementation Plan are expected to be finalized in spring 2021, with robust public engagement and public information efforts planned for late spring 2021. Plan Bay Area 2050 remains on track for adoption in fall 2021.