Plan Bay Area 2040 Regional Conversation on Housing and Transportation - What We Heard

During May and June, more than 1,100 members of the public attended open houses or took an online quiz to learn about and comment on an update to the region's long-range transportation and
housing roadmap known as Plan Bay Area 2040.

Bay Area residents who attended these open houses had the opportunity to view displays and offer comments on long-term goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light duty trucks, house the region's projected population, improve public health, maintain the region's transportation infrastructure, and preserve open space,among others. Open house participants posted comments on display boards, took the online survey and filled out comment sheets to elaborate on their positions.

Overall comment themes
Housing: * Strong support for more housing of all types, especially for low and middle-income residents * Major concern with lack of affordable housing and displacement of long-time residents, particularly in disadvantaged communities * Suggestions for easing displacement included stronger policies for rent control, protection against evictions, inclusionary zoning and
living wages * A number of participants called for conditioning state or regional funding to ensure cities are approving sufficient low-income housing and adopting strong anti-displacement policies * Many called for more streamlined approval processes for new housing * There was support for more robust transit-oriented development and more vibrant, walkable downtowns in cities of all sizes.

Transportation: * Widespread support for public transit service - going more places at increased frequencies * Strong support for increased rail - most notably BART, as well as Caltrain and commuter rail, and enhanced bus service, including bus-rapid-transit * Support for electric vehicle charging stations * Some expressed concern about transit crowding, called for a second Transbay Tube * Major concern about freeway and traffic congestion: many seek relief from long commutes * Strong support for more robust bicycle and pedestrian facilities to lay the groundwork for a more carless future (though a small number strongly oppose investments in bicycles).