Option 7 Implementation Action Plan - MTC Due Diligence Reports

At the October 28th joint meeting of the ABAG Administrative Committee and the MTC Planning Committee, Public Financial Management, Inc. (PFM) and Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (Orrick) presented reports on financial and legal due diligence, respectively, in connection with the Option 7 Implementation Action Plan (Attachment A). The following memorandum http://abag.ca.gov/abag/events/agendas/e111716a-Item%2015B,%20MTC%20Due%20Diligence.pdf provides a summary of the salient points in each report and a brief discussion of our approach to address the issues raised.

The Implementation Action Plan 7 can be viewed at http://abag.ca.gov/abag/events/agendas/e111716a-Item%2015B,%20MTC%20Due%20Diligence.pdf.