New Online Tools for Residents to Help Shape Bay Area's Future

Cities, Towns and Counties to Invited to Share

Cities, Towns and Counties are invited to use and share the following information about new online tools, which will aid in outreach for Plan Bay Area 2040, the long-range regional transportation and housing roadmap.

These tools include the Build a Better Bay Area website, an interactive quiz that introduces residents to three transportation and housing alternative scenarios--Main Streets, Connected Neighborhoods, and Big Cities. These scenarios are currently being considered by ABAG and MTC. The interactive quiz is designed for residents to see which alternative scenario (or scenarios) for the future of the Bay Area aligns most closely with their own personal priorities.

The quiz will make it easier for Bay Area residents to weigh in on the policies and strategies shaping Plan Bay Area 2040. After residents complete the quiz, they can review and submit responses, as well as share this opportunity to provide feedback with their friends.

Plan Bay Area Open Forum is now available. It is an online conversation platform that encourages Bay Area residents to be a part of the region's planning efforts. Residents are invited to guide the future of our region by getting involved in the conversation and submitting comments to ABAG and MTC.

You are invited to Take the Build a Better Bay Area quiz, Check out the Plan Bay Area Open Forum and share this information with your constituents.

For more details, visit, or contact us at and (415) 778-6757.