MTC and ABAG Launch "The Bay Link," A Joint Daily Blog

MTC and ABAG are excited to announce the launch of the The Bay Link, a joint blog that will provide news, views and analysis on topics of regional interest, including housing, land use, transportation, economic development, social equity, the environment, sustainability, climate change and resilience. Bay Link is available at

Consider The Bay Link the latest in the agencies' ongoing efforts to "Be Regionable." Readers will find links to the day's most interesting headlines; MTC and ABAG's Executive Director's Map of the Month; video updates on major regional projects and initiatives; the latest online articles, studies and reports curated by the MTC-ABAG Library; tips on what's on the agencies' meeting agendas; and round-ups of major MTC Commission and ABAG Executive Board actions.

Below is a sampling of recent posts to help orient new visitors to the site:

Housing and the Economy

Record Low Unemployment Across (Much of) the Bay Area, and the Delicate Policy Dance That Follows

Regional Economic Divergence and the Conundrums of Prosperity; ABAG's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

CASA: Drafting a Blueprint for a Better Bay Area

Transportation Funding, Policy and Research

New BART Train Cars Are Rolling into Service

MTC Approves $386 Million for 180 Projects Across the Region Through the OBAG 2 County Program

Participatory Budgeting: A Proposed MTC Pilot Project and a Brief Lit Review

The End of the Automotive Era?

Resilience and the Environment

San Francisco Estuary Partnership Newsletter, Bay Area Water Trail Maps Now Available

Resilient By Design | Bay Area Challenge: 10 Teams, 32 Ideas to Address Climate Change

Agency News

"The Nobility of Public Service" - MTC Commissioners Honor the Late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Honors, Awards and Deals of the Year - Oh My! 2017 in Review

Readers may comment on individual posts or send a message to for general inquiries.

MTC and ABAG are partner regional agencies that work together to make the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area more livable and sustainable. MTC is the nine county Bay Area's transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency and ABAG is the Bay Area's regional planning agency and council of governments.