Letter from ABAG Executive Board to ABAG Staff

Dear ABAG Staff:

Following last week's resignation of Ezra Rapport from his position as Executive Director, the Executive Board of the Association of Bay Area Governments wishes to assure you of our strong support of the vital planning and service programs provided by all ABAG staff. We recognize that these programs have solidified ABAG's role as an essential resource to local governments and other stakeholders throughout the Bay Area. Indeed, ABAG's impact extends well beyond its regional significance. This is obviously a time of major transition for ABAG. The ABAG Executive Board understands the uncertainty inherent in this transitional period and would like to reassure staff that our support remains an element of stability during this time.

Mr. Rapport put together a strong executive management team to lead our agency. We have the utmost confidence in their ability to provide continuity and strong leadership through this transition. This evolution of leadership remains committed to the responsibility the ABAG Executive Board has, and will continue to have, in maintaining and promoting ABAG's programs, scope, staff and collaborative partnerships.

Very truly yours,

Julie Pierce, ABAG President; David Rabbitt, ABAG Vice President;

Mark Luce, ABAG Immediate Past President;

Dave Cortese, MTC Chair, ABAG Executive Board Member; ABAG Past President;

Scott Haggerty, ABAG L&GO Committee Chair, ABAG Executive Board Member, ABAG Past President

To view the signed letter, visit http://abag.ca.gov/news/2016-09-22_Brdltrtostaff.pdf