Final RHNA Plan Released

Executive Board Hearing December 16, 2021 to Consider Adoption

On November 22, 2021, ABAG issued the proposed Final RHNA Plan, which includes adjustments to the final allocations for Contra Costa County and Pittsburg as a result of a partially granted appeal (see below for more details about the appeals process).

The remaining major milestones in the RHNA process include:

  • December 2021: the Executive Board will conduct a public hearing to consider adoption of the Final RHNA Plan. Please visit the ABAG meetings page for the agenda for the Executive Board meeting and public hearing.
  • January 31, 2023: Housing Element updates are due to HCD.

Appeals Process

On November 12, 2021, the Administrative Committee ratified a written final determination on 28 appeals from jurisdictions, which were heard by the Committee in a public hearing conducted in September and October 2021. Visit the Appeals Process page for more details about the appeals submitted, the comments received about those appeals, and the public hearing. 

The Committee denied all appeals submitted by local jurisdictions, with the exception of the appeal submitted by the County of Contra Costa. As allowed by Government Code Section 65584.05(e)(1), the Administrative Committee determined that 35 RHNA units should be transferred to the City of Pittsburg, and this transfer of units has been reflected in the Final RHNA Plan. The appeals process did not affect the allocations for any jurisdictions other than the County of Contra Costa and the City of Pittsburg.