Feedback on Solar and Energy Efficiency District Report Requested

ABAG is exploring the feasibility of creating a regional Solar and Energy Efficiency (SEE) District in partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). An overview of this proposed District with an executive summary report was presented to the ABAG Executive Board on March 19, 2009.


The District would maximize available state and federal subsidies and work with existing PG&E incentives. The program would be designed to help private property owners with the costs of solar installation and energy efficiency retrofits, providing the upfront costs of solar, energy efficiency, and other renewable energy installations. The costs would be repaid from a new line item on participating property owners' tax bills. Property owners would be spared the upfront cost of solar panel installation, which can total approximately $30,000. It is anticipated that the region’s ability to spread the financing cost over a much larger market area would make the program more feasible and encourage broader retrofit participation for solar and energy efficiency improvements.

The Solar and Energy Efficiency District report and executive summary are available at Feedback or comments on the program concepts outlined in the report are requested and encouraged. For more information, contact Ezra Rapport, ABAG Deputy Executive Director, 510/464-7927 or