Estuary Partnership Project Highlighted in Earth Day Coverage

San Francisco Estuary Partnership

A San Francisco Estuary Partnership project aimed at reducing the amount of polluted water draining into San Francisco Bay was highlighted by an NBC Bay report on Earth Day.

The highlighted work is the newest link in the Estuary Partnership’s “Green Stormwater Spine” along the busy San Pablo Avenue corridor in Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley and El Cerrito. The project has thousands of gallons of water drain into soils where toxics are trapped and broken down by natural processes before making their way to the bay.

The $4 million Green Stormwater Spine program is sponsored by the Association of Bay Area Governments’ San Francisco Estuary Partnership. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provided about half the construction funding, with grants from Caltrans and the California Strategic Growth Council providing the balance.

The Estuary Partnership is an ABAG program staffed by MTC working to increase the health and resiliency of the San Francisco Estuary.