Estuary Blueprint Released 32 Actions to Advance the Health of the Estuary

Estuary Blueprint logo

After more than two years of planning and collaboration, San Francisco Estuary Partnership announces the release of the streamlined and updated Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, the 2016 Estuary Blueprint.

The 2016 Estuary Blueprint is a forward-looking, comprehensive, collaborative vision for the San Francisco Estuary and a "next step" for many significant regional planning documents. The Estuary Blueprint goals take a systems approach to protecting habitats and living resources, building resiliency, improving water quality and quantity, and championing the Estuary.

Through these cross-cutting goals, the Estuary Blueprint addresses our most pressing estuarine health challenges, embracing and reducing hurdles to innovations in climate resilience planning, and bridging the upper and lower Estuary (the Bay and the Delta) in order to support key natural processes.

Along with the release of the Estuary Blueprint, the Estuary Partnership updated the plan website with a number of features such as a project tracking tool, implementation infographic, and success stories.

For more information, go to theSan Francisco Estuary Partnership website.