Association of Bay Area Governments Executive Director Ezra Rapport Announces Retirement

Executive Director Ezra Rapport will be retiring from the agency he has headed since 2010. Mr. Rapport will leave ABAG effective September 30, 2016.

In his role as Executive Director, Mr. Rapport was responsible for many accomplishments at the agency, including developing a solid regional planning framework for the Bay Area's future growth in housing, jobs, and population. Mr. Rapport oversaw enterprise units working on energy efficiency, clean water supply, disaster resilience, risk management, local finance, trail management, open space, economic development, climate adaptation, infrastructure expansion, and many other important subjects.

ABAG President and City of Clayton Councilmember Julie Pierce thanked Mr. Rapport for his service, stating, "Ezra has been a visionary and passionate leader for ABAG. Ezra has advanced collaboration among the Bay Area's counties, cities and towns and regional stakeholders. He has been instrumental in guiding our ABAG Council of Governments through the adoption of the first Plan Bay Area, adopted in 2013, as we plan for future generations in the Bay Area. We wish Ezra and his family all the best in his retirement."

Following September 30th, Brad Paul, ABAG Deputy Executive Director will be assuming management responsibilities for the foreseeable future.