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Map of voting on Propositions 1 and 6 in 2018
November, 2018

Bay Area Plays Key Role in Pushing Housing Bond Measure to Victory, and Anti-Gas Tax Measure to Defeat

Results from the November 6, 2018, statewide election show that the nine-county Bay Area Region played a crucial role in solidifying the results for two measures of great interest to MTC: Proposition 1, a $4 billion bond measure for housing-related loans, grants, projects and programs for veterans; and Proposition 6, which aimed to rescind the gas tax hike and other transportation revenue sources embodied in 2017’s Senate Bill 1. The results for the two measures mirror each other, with counties voting “No” on Prop 6 tending to vote “Yes” on Prop 1. Without the Bay Area’s collective 71 percent “No” vote on Proposition 6, voters statewide would have rejected Proposition 6 by only 52 percent instead of 56.5 percent; and without the region’s collective 63 percent “Yes” vote for Proposition 1, that measure would have passed statewide by only 52 percent instead of 55.6 percent.

These numbers are accurate as of the most recent data available on November 14, 2018, and are not expected to substantially change.