Wildfires – How to Preserve & Protect Housing – Program Overview

Wildfire destruction in Napa County in the Wildland/Urban Interface.

This work group provides resources for local planning and housing staff working to integrate wildfire and housing issues in local land use planning efforts like the Housing and Safety Element updates. The work group consists of four virtual workshops with subject matter experts presenting current information and best practices, case studies and recent experiences. These sessions help local agencies gain a better understanding of the evolution and behavior of wildfires, defensible space, home hardening, evacuations (new laws, practical approaches and new models), and responsive land use planning in the Wildfire/Urban Interface (WUI). Each session includes Resource Guides with practical takeaway information and references to key documents and helpful background materials.

There is no limit on the number of attendees per agency. All sessions will be online and recorded for later viewing, but registrants should commit to participating "live" when possible. Please complete this brief form to register.