SB 35

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Construction costs in the San Francisco Bay Area have grown prohibitively expensive, making it difficult to feasibly develop new affordable or even market-rate housing. This case study analyzed the

California state laws, including 2017’s Senate Bill No. 35 and 2019’s Senate Bill No. 330, require housing development projects to be reviewed against objective design standards. Certain projects may

The Housing Accountability Act and Senate Bill No. 35 (SB 35) have added significant new requirements to already busy planning departments, but have not yet provided guidance on how to comply. This

View all data from Annual Progress Reports (APRs) in one place, presented in easy-to-use graphs and charts with built-in filters for information customization. This tool, created by the California

In pursuit of increased housing production, state law now requires many local housing approval decisions to be based on objective standards. To comply with state law, local jurisdictions must ensure

Every year, each California jurisdiction (city council or board of supervisors) must prepare an annual progress report (APR) on the jurisdiction’s status and progress in implementing its housing