FAQs on Housing Element Adoption and Due Date (SB 375)

Aerial of a mobile home park.

Senate Bill No. 375 (SB 375) is one of the first efforts by a state government to coordinate land use and transportation planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Appendix D to the SB 375 Technical Assistance Memo addresses frequently asked questions about the bill. It includes the topics:

  • Housing Element Adoption and Due Dates
  • SB 375 Consequence of Changing From 8-Year to 4-Year Housing Element Update Interval
  • SB 375 Rezone Requirement Applicable to Jurisdictions with an 8-Year Planning Period
  • Housing Element Program Requirements
  • HCD Annual Progress Report (APR)

This appendix is part of a broader SB 375 Technical Assistance Memo which describes the amendments made by the bill that changed provisions of housing and transportation law and which impacted the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), Housing Element update processes and more.