Annual Progress Report

Technical Assistance

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) collects the Annual Progress Report (APR) from all cities and counties in California. This January 2020 training webinar provides

View all data from Annual Progress Reports (APRs) in one place, presented in easy-to-use graphs and charts with built-in filters for information customization. This tool, created by the California

Senate Bill No. 375 (SB 375) is one of the first efforts by a state government to coordinate land use and transportation planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Appendix D to the SB 375 Technical

Government Code section 65400 requires that each city, county, or city and county, including charter cities, prepare an Annual Progress Report (APR) on the status of the housing element of its general

The 2020 Housing Affordability Calculator (XLS) is used in the preparation of an Annual Progress Report (APR) to make affordability determinations based on income levels provided in the Official State

Every year, each California jurisdiction (city council or board of supervisors) must prepare an annual progress report (APR) on the jurisdiction’s status and progress in implementing its housing

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) Housing Element Search Tool provides users access to all the draft and adopted Housing Elements submitted by California

This downloadable Excel spreadsheet is the form the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) uses to collect Annual Progress Reports (APR) from jurisdictions reporting on their

A key part of each jurisdiction's housing element is the site inventory, which demonstrates adequate capacity to meet its share of the projected regional housing needs by income category. Local

This website features a suite of online tools and information resources to support local jurisdictions in enacting pro-housing policies and practices. Many of the links provide examples of policies