Designing and Managing Trails for Next Gen Mobility Webinar

A cyclist rides past a Bay Trail sign.

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) and other e-micromobility devices provide a significant opportunity to advance regional goals, such as reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and enhanced inclusivity. These devices are growing in popularity and ownership rates are on the rise. The introduction of these new modes to trail spaces has brought up concerns from existing trail users and agencies that operate trails.

This webinar provides to local agencies:

  • An overview of e-micromobility devices and ridership trends
  • The state of CA e-bike policy
  • Presentation of research findings addressing concerns about e-device use on trails
  • Design, policy and management guidance considerations
  • Learnings from case studies around the Bay Area and country
  • The opportunity to begin a regional discourse on this topic