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Bay Area Planning Directors Association (BAPDA) Meeting

Friday, November 22, 2019 - 8:30 a.m.

SAVE THE DATE: Fall 2019 General Membership Meeting

Resilient By Design: Planner's Role in Disaster Preparedness, Part II

Building on BAPDA's Fall 2018 Meeting, Out Smarting Disaster: The Planner's Professional Role in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, we will take a deeper dive into pre-disaster planning efforts and design-thinking on resilience including adaptation strategies, equity, regional initiatives and goals. The session will also cover recent state legislation (SB 379) articulating a shared vision and goals for a resilient region.

Meeting content will include topical resilience presentations delving into the plans, policies and actions necessary for local jurisdictions to prepare for the immediate and longer-term impacts of climate change. This meeting is also a key opportunity to weigh in on regional resilience strategies proposed for Plan Bay Area 2050.

  • ABAG/MTC’s Plan Bay Area 2050/Horizon Environment Chapter

    • Michael Germeraad, Resilience Planner
  • BCDC’s Adapting to Rising Tides and Outcomes Final Report

    • Jessica Fain, Planning Director
  • CalFIRE, Housing Element policy guidance (new)

    • Jonathan Cox, Division Chief, San Mateo County Fire Dept.
  • Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), state resilience policies and goals including SB 379

    • Nuin-Tara Key, Deputy Director of Climate Resilience
  • SF Estuary Institute (SFEI) with SPUR, The Adaptation Atlas

    • Jeremy Lowe, Senior Environmental Scientist
  • SF Estuary Partnership (SFEP), Measure AA funding

    • pending
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Nile Hall, Preservation Park
668 13th St
Oakland, CA