Infrastructure Resources (Policy)

Infrastructure Resources (Policy)

In the wake of a major disaster, the resilience of major infrastructure systems will play a large role in our ability to recover quickly and effectively. Many recovery activities are highly dependent upon these systems. People will not be able to stay in their homes if water and wastewater services are not available, and businesses will not be able to reopen. Earlier ABAG reports explore the impacts of disasters on Bay Area infrastructure systems:

Infrastructure Chapter of the Multi-Jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area – 2010 Update (ABAG, 2011)

Airport Liquefaction Susceptibility (ABAG, 2013)

Roles of Airports in Regional Disasters Report (ABAG, 2015)

Don’t Wing It – Airports and Bay Area Earthquakes (ABAG, 2000)

Cascading Failures: Earthquake Threats to Transportation and Utilities (ABAG, 2014)