Technical Assistance

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) periodically hosts technology transfer seminars to give city and county pavement managers the latest information on tools for pavement maintenance

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)'s Pavement Management Technical Assistance Program (P-TAP) helps Bay Area cities and counties make cost-effective improvements to streets and roads. An

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) provides both technical and financial assistance to cities and counties seeking to improve and maintain their local street or road networks. In order

To apply for P-TAP 23, please visit ptap.streetsaver.com. The following schedule outlines major program milestones: P-TAP 23 Schedule February 1, 2022 Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

StreetSaver® is the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s award-winning software that helps our cities and counties make maintenance decisions to prevent pavement problems. Our software is also

This report includes both a primer on the cost and life cycle of pavement and a comprehensive look at the current state of the Bay Area’s local streets and roads network. The report features a