ADU Affordability Survey Tool

To help document the affordability of new ADUs, the RHTA Program will soon launch an online survey tool to help jurisdictions meet ADU monitoring requirements made in their Housing Elements. The survey was developed in consultation with an advisory group of jurisdiction staff and has been reviewed by HCD.

Participation is optional. Participating cities or counties should plan on asking (or requiring) homeowners to fill out the survey as part of the ADU building approval process. 

Information sessions and more detail are coming soon.

The survey will also be presented at County Collaborative meetings. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on this new initiative. Contact Avery Harmon,, for more information or to share feedback. 

Development Process

The survey was developed working closely with a city and county advisory group. It asks basic questions that will allow local governments to know the affordability level of new ADUs. 

Data Collection Process

Interested cities or counties can include the online homeowner survey as part of the ADU permitting and approval process in two potential ways. Some planning/building departments are interested in requiring homeowners to complete it to get their permits/Certificate of Occupancy. Others will provide a link but not require that the homeowner complete the survey.

In jurisdictions that require the survey to be completed as part of the ADU approval process, homeowners will receive an email confirmation once they finish all the questions. Jurisdictions can request a copy of the confirmation email from homeowners as part of the ADU building permit application. All jurisdictions will use the same survey link

Data Processing and Summary

RHTA staff will summarize and distribute the results, initially quarterly, then annually. The survey includes city or county location as one of the questions, which allows data to be summarized for the region, county and city, where possible.

Survey Questions

  • County, City or Community
  • Who do you expect to live in the ADU?
    • Myself, Family, Friend, Someone else (will find a renter), Not using for housing
  • How many square feet will your ADU have? (estimates are ok)
  • How many bedrooms will it have?
    • 0,1,2,3+
  • What do you expect the approximate monthly rent to be?
  • Which utilities will the tenant pay for (in full or part)?
    • Electricity, Gas, Water/sewer, Trash, Not sure
  • Are you in a city/town/county that requires you to fill out this survey?
  • Homeowner Email (if necessary)

Optional demographic questions

  • What is the age of the head of your household?
  • What is the race of the head of your household?
  • What is the primary language spoken in your home?
  • What is the number of people who live in your household?
  • What is your household income?