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The Bay Area Housing Element Working Group recently sent this letter to all the Planning Directors around the region. This Working Group is comprised of equity advocates who are participating in the

Submitting your Housing Element is just the start. Addressing HCD’s comments to get it certified is the next step. This webinar featured a conversation with jurisdictions from Southern California and

ABAG staff and consultants have reviewed Housing Element comment letters for Bay Area jurisdictions as HCD has released them. A total of six jurisdictions have received comment letters as of September

Senate Bill (SB) 9, one of California's most sweeping zoning reform bills, became law on January 1, 2022. By allowing single-family owners to create up to four housing units on their property, the law

This memo summarizes timing requirements for the adoption of housing elements and required rezoning. It also notes some of the potential risks that may result from missing these deadlines, including

This is a model ordinance for the implementation of SB 9 at the local level. While SB 9 does not require jurisdictions to adopt an implementing ordinance, it does permit adoption of one. The model

State law requires local jurisdictions to affirmatively further fair housing (AFFH) through their Housing Element updates, which includes performing extensive analysis as part of an Assessment of Fair

This Best Practices for Equitable Engagement primer provides recommendations, guidelines and other resources to help Bay Area cities, towns and counties engage with all segments of their communities

This communications guide uses research from the Bay Area conducted to help local policymakers and government staff hold productive conversations with residents about planning for housing. This guide

These templates and graphics can help with presentations. The templates can be downloaded and customized as needed. Disclaimer: These documents are intended to provide general information and do not