AB 2011 and SB 6 Model Ordinance

This is a model ordinance for the implementation of SB 6 and AB 2011 at the local level. While these bills do not require jurisdictions to adopt an implementing ordinance, they do permit adoption. Unless otherwise noted, provisions in this document reflect the provisions of AB 2011 (2022) and SB 6 (2022). If jurisdictions would like a shorter form ordinance, they may wish to reference the state statute rather than repeating the state law provisions in their local ordinance. “Recommended” Provisions are recommended to clarify ambiguities in the statute or assist in enforcement. “Policy” Provisions are optional provisions for local agencies to consider. 

Disclaimer: These documents are intended to provide general information and do not constitute legal advice. Additional facts, facts specific to a particular situation, or future developments may affect the subjects discussed in these documents. Seek the advice of your jurisdiction's legal counsel before acting or relying upon the following information.