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State Senate Committee Issues Report on ABAG FAN

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The California State Senate Committee on Governance and Finance this week issued a report entitled Misappropriated Bond Proceeds at the Association of Bay Area Governments with reference to the


Special District Financial Transaction Reports FY 2022-23
Special_District_Financial_Transaction_Reports_FY_2022-23.pdf (217.11 KB)
Special District Financial Transaction Reports FY 2021-22
Special_District_Financial_Transaction_Report_FY21-22.pdf (487.1 KB)
Basic Financial Statements June 30, 2023
ACFA_FAN_2023_Financial_Statement.pdf (822.57 KB)
Community Facilities District No. 2004-1/2006-1&2
ABAG_SB_165_Report_2023.pdf (247.98 KB)