Water Bill Savings Act SB 1233 (McGuire)

chart demonstrating the benefits of upgrading to PAYS

ABAG has identified an innovative way to help meet California's mandated drought response and greenhouse gas reduction goals with the Water Bill Savings Act, SB 1233 (McGuire). This bill was developed to facilitate large-scale adoption of water efficiency upgrades. Passage of the bill will help reduce water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and the cost of utility service, and incentivize water efficiency among residential customers. With the Water Bill Savings Act, local governments can respond to drought in a way that is regionally efficient, financially sustainable, and available to all municipal utilities, large and small.

This broad scale regional response to California's water supply issues works by allowing Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs) to pool services and fund voluntary efficiency projects on private property and enables municipal water utilities to offer their customers the tools and incentives to make efficiency upgrades with no up-front costs. Participating customers pay for the measure through a monthly surcharge affiliated with their water utility meter, with the assurance that bill savings will exceed the surcharge.

It is anticipated that these water efficiency efforts will be extremely impactful in our region with over seven million residents.

To view this Water Bill Savings Act, go to SB 1233 or call (510) 464-7986 for more information.