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A Call to Action for Regional Water Resilience

Join decision makers from cities, counties, special districts, and utilities in responding to the call to action to address the region's 21st century water infrastructure challenges on November 10, 2016 in Oakland. This event features expert keynote speakers, including David Sedlak, PhD, UC Berkeley Professor, Kare Anderson, Author, Columnist, and Consultant, and Linda Langston, National Association of Counties, Director of Strategic Relations.

View new agenda here. The event continues the work of the Association of Bay Area Governments' Regional Planning Subcommittee on Infrastructure in strengthening collaboration around critical infrastructure solutions.

This half-day conference brings together elected officials, utility managers, and interested stakeholders in three key panel discussions, with a reception to follow.

Bay Area water reliability: tackling challenges in the face of growth and changing climate. The region's population is forecasted to grow by 2.1 million people by 2040. Future growth and increasingly variable water supplies mean new strategies will be needed to maintain the high-level service Bay Area customers rely upon. Be involved in the emerging regional conversation to integrate creative approaches to future water challenges.

Water after an earthquake: what happens after two days, two weeks, two years? The region's seismic threat to utilities could leave over a million households without water in the first week, and some without water for over a month. What are your expectations and responsibilities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a regional earthquake? Share in the dialogue on ways to build relationships and mechanisms for stronger communities and infrastructure following an event.

Talking amongst ourselves: forming a Regional Lifelines Council. A regional approach means collaboration among many leaders: public, private, civic, district, and community, among others. Bring your thoughts on forming a council to collaboratively advance infrastructure resilience in the Bay Area.

Reception: Connect with peers over appetizers and drinks and continue the conversation.


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The full agenda is available here. Contact Michael Germeraad (ABAG Resilience Planner) michaelg@abag.ca.gov 415.820.7945 with any questions.