Plan Bay Area 2050 Blueprint Public Engagement July and August

Bay Bridge

As the Bay Area continues to contend with the coronavirus pandemic that requires residents to maintain physical distancing, MTC/ABAG staff are offering digital alternatives for planned in-person public engagement activities scheduled to begin this month.

There will be nine county-specific virtual public workshops, seven focus groups with community organizations, and five telephone town halls. In addition, there will be virtual office hours, flyers/surveys, a listening line, an official comment period and a statistically-valid poll – plenty of ways to provide feedback on this critical juncture in the long-range planning process!

Staff will use the input from this round of public engagement to inform strategy revisions for the Plan Bay Area 2050 Final Blueprint, which will be presented for approval to the Commission and ABAG Executive Board in early fall 2020.

Your input is key to the success of Plan Bay Area 2050. But challenges remain and we need to hear from you!

Public comment period begins July 10, 2020 and closes August 10, 2020.

Learn more about public outreach, including virtual public meetings here.