New Online Data Platform Needs Local Government Input

Needed Inputs Critical to Plan Bay Area 2050

This fall, ABAG and MTC are starting Plan Bay Area 2050, the next-generation regional plan. Work with local jurisdictions is advancing, exploring new PDAs, PCAs and PPAs.  We want to make sure that we are using the best available baseline data from local governments before we create the land use elements of the Plan.

To assist, ABAG-MTC has developed an online data platform known as the Bay Area Spatial Information System (BASIS) to improve collaboration with local governments. While it is still in an initial phase of development, staff have expedited modules related to land use, zoning, urban growth boundaries and development pipelines. If you’re interested more in what BASIS is, check out our recent webinar recording here.

The team has made progress over the last year incorporating land use data for every jurisdiction in the region, but we need your help at this key point in the planning process. We’re asking local planning and GIS staff to review their city’s baseline data by the end of October. These inputs are a critical input to Plan Bay Area 2050, and they will be integrated in the UrbanSim 2.0 land use model to create a development pattern for the region.

What's Next

  1. Identify a local staff person(s) to be a contact for the data review by August 30th.
  2. Local contact(s) will be invited to create a BASIS login and register for a webinar on September 3rd.
  3. Missed the last BASIS seminar?  Please Save-the-Date for a BASIS Data Review Webinar on September 6th, from 1-2pm.  Registration is available here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kearey Smith, BASIS Project Manager, at or the ABAG-MTC County Coordinator, as identified below.


Contra Costa

Christy Leffall



Bobby Lu

San Francisco  

Krute Singa

San Mateo

James Choe

Santa Clara

Pilar Lorenzana



Ada Chan

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