Joint ABAG-MTC Governance Committee Meeting

Peter Beeler

Beginning the conversation about governance.

The Joint ABAG-MTC Governance Committee Meeting on Wednesday, July 24th, began a series of conversations between representatives of the ABAG Executive Board and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).  Convened at the direction of a 2017 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the meetings are to discuss whether the two agencies should restructure their governing boards to better serve the region.  The MOU included a start date for this discussion of July 2019 and did not include any other requirements regarding outcome or completion.

Executive Director Therese McMillan began with a presentation, touching on the history and opening the discussion up to the Committee members from ABAG and MTC.  The ABAG Committee members include President and Sonoma Supervisor David Rabbitt, Vice President and Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin, Santa Clara Supervisor Cindy Chavez, Immediate Past President and Clayton Vice-Mayor Julie Pierce, Marin Supervisor Dennis Rodoni, and San Mateo Supervisor Warren Slocum.  The MTC Committee members include Commission Chair and Alameda Supervisor Scott Haggerty, Vice Chair and Napa Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza, Santa Clara Supervisor Dave Cortese, San Francisco Mayor’s Appointee Nick Josefowitz, Solano Supervisor James P. Spering, and Orinda Mayor Amy Worth.

The next Governance Committee meeting is scheduled for September 25th, following the MTC Commission meeting.  Information about the next meeting will be available on the agencies’ websites, or