BayREN Helping Youths Get Green Jobs


BayREN is helping young people get green jobs while assisting the Bay Area in conserving energy through its association with the Rising Sun Center For Opportunity.

Since 2019, BayREN has provided funding for Rising Sun's Climate Careers program, which helps residents throughout the Bay Area take their first steps towards a more efficient and healthy home and gives local youth with low incomes their first green job.

Over the past two years of partnership with BayREN, Rising Sun has employed youth to help thousands of residents lower their energy and water bills by providing no-cost devices such as LEDs, advanced power strips, and more.

Through the service, Rising Sun also promotes BayREN's Home+ program, encouraging residents to invest in deeper energy and water-saving devices in their homes.

BayREN  — administered by the the Association of Bay Area Governments—  offers regional energy programs, services and resources that promote energy savings, while helping local governments evaluate ways to come into compliance with state energy code.

The programs result in energy and cost savings for thousands, while playing a role in fighting climate change by reducing carbon emissions.