ABAG and MTC launch Bay Area Housing and Land Use Viewer

ABAG and MTC have launched the Bay Area Housing and Land Use Viewer, a web-based mapping tool created to provide the public with access to data related to housing, land use, transportation, equity and the environment. This is the first time this level of detail has been available in one place and publicly accessible on the agency website.

This tool gives a wide audience the ability to visualize and download robust data for the San Francisco Bay Area. The site consolidates multiple data points from sources including federal, state, and local jurisdictions as well as parcel-level data. All these sources are updated regularly. The tool includes interactive mapping options so users can explore data down to individual properties – including details on over two million parcels in the region.

Providing access to standardized and robust data helps individuals and organizations easily find information about housing and land use subjects that are most important to them. For example, the tool can show areas:

  • Identified by the state as having the highest access to opportunity
  • Selected locally as likely to develop with housing by 2031
  • Related to Priority Development Areas and Transit Oriented Communities
  • Recognized at risk for wildfire, sea level rise or seismic activity
  • Sorted by household type and median income

The tool also gives users the ability to quickly explore the sites that Bay Area jurisdictions have prioritized for housing in their State-mandated Housing Elements since 2007. Even if a site isn’t included in a local Housing Element, users can still look at many site characteristics with the tool.