Transportation Electrification Program: LOI Call for Project Ideas

A sign indicating a charging spot for electric vehicles.

As part of its Transportation Electrification efforts, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is seeking proposals or concepts for projects or programs that address gaps and accelerate equitable electric vehicle (EV) adoption, EV charging deployment, or other electric mobility options (e-scooters, e-bike, etc.) and demonstrate replicable or scalable solutions that can improve access to clean mobility options across the region.

MTC anticipates developing a $40-60 million funding program(s) to advance electrification in the region.  Responses to this call for project ideas will help to inform the program(s).

Key information:

More information can be downloaded here, and is available in the sections below.

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Background and Goals of MTC’s Transportation Electrification Program

In 2021, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted the Bay Area’s most recent Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), Plan Bay Area 2050 (PBA 2050). PBA 2050 outlines the region’s plan to achieve a 19 percent greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target in the light-duty transportation sector by 2035. In addition to strategies to reduce the need to drive and vehicle miles traveled (VMT), a key element to achieving the target is to support the electrification of the transportation system, including shifting trips from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) and other electric mobility (e-mobility) options. PBA 2050 strategy EN8 specifically calls for expanding clean vehicle initiatives.

While market and technology solutions are developing and expanding, deployment of technology and charging must be accelerated, gaps to address equitable access must be addressed, and scalable solutions must be advanced to meet the rapidly approaching climate targets and the regional goal of adopting 1.5 million EVs in the Bay Area by 2030 and 5 million by 2050. In addition to coordinating with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) to support its regional electrification programs, MTC is exploring opportunities to support local projects that address these targets and challenges.

Submitting Project Ideas

Eligible proposers (see eligibility section below) are encouraged to submit ideas on a wide range of projects, concepts, or needs that will accelerate and expand access to electric mobility options to help meet the targets and goals described above. Project ideas should consider the following:

  • Addressing gaps and accelerate equitable electric vehicle (EV) adoption, EV charging deployment, or other electric mobility options (e-scooters, e-bike, electric car share, etc.) (Note: Transit vehicle and port equipment projects will NOT be considered for this LOI as existing programs/funding sources focus on these types of projects)
  • Demonstrating replicable or scalable solutions that can improve access to electrification across the region
  • Addressing access to electric transportation for historically underserved or marginalized communities (for citywide or similarly scoped projects)
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Program and project ideas can include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning or policy adoption (e.g., EV readiness plan; permitting streamlining)
  • Charging infrastructure project (e.g., public EV fleet charging installation; transit station/mobility hub charging installation; charging installation for transit station customer parking)
  • Innovative pilot project (e.g., smart charging technology for multifamily residences; vehicle grid integration (VGI) demonstration)
  • Fleet conversion project (e.g., EV replacements for public fleets; electric cargo bike for local delivery)
  • Electric mobility program (e.g., electric car share service; e-bike incentives)
  • Workforce development programs (e.g., community college EV technician training; EVITP EVSE installer training sessions)
  • Outreach and education (e.g., programs that increase EV/EV charging awareness and application assistance; ride and drive events for underserved communities; dealer education)

MTC is collecting project proposals and ideas from local public agencies that align with the regional goals through a Letter of Interest (LOI) form, a simple online form to collect basic information about the project idea. MTC will use the submitted forms to inform and develop regional funding and assistance programs that support the advancement of transportation electrification. Following the development of any funding program, MTC will release a call for applications. MTC staff will work with eligible LOI proposers to support the development of project proposals/applications for the funding program.

Please submit your project idea using this form. Similar projects for the same public agency or set of agencies should be submitted as a single LOI (for example, a city interested in installing Level 2 EV charging stations at various sites should submit one form for all sites rather than a form for each proposed location).

LOIs are due August 10, 2022.

Eligible Project Idea Proposers

LOIs may be submitted by Bay Area public agencies, including Cities, Counties, Transit Agencies, and County Transportation Authorities (CTAs). Public agencies can coordinate and submit coordinated cross-jurisdictional project ideas, but a primary agency must be identified.

Public agencies may partner with other entities, but a public agency must serve as the grant recipient and fiscal agent for any project funded by a grant through MTC’s regional transportation electrification program(s).

Next Steps and Schedule

LOIs are due by August 10, 2022. View the recording of the informational meeting about the LOI.

Following submittal, MTC will review LOIs and follow up with proposers as needed. As noted, MTC will assess the LOI submittals to develop regional funding program(s) to advance and achieve regional electrification goals.

MTC anticipates developing a $40-60 million funding program(s) to advance electrification in the region using federal funding from the Federal Highway Administration Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program and Surface Transportation Block Grant Program, as well as the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL/IIJA) Carbon Reduction Program in development.

As regional programs are released, MTC will contact eligible LOI proposers.


  • LOI Announcement Release: June 22, 2022
  • LOI Informational Meeting: July 12, 2022
  • LOI Deadline: August 10, 2022
  • MTC LOI review and follow-up with proposers: August-September 2022

Program Notifications

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