Housing Elements

Technical Assistance

The Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) process is the part of Housing Element law used to determine how many new homes, and the affordability of those homes, each local government must plan for

California state law requires local jurisdictions’ housing elements to designate zones where emergency shelters are a permitted use and do not require additional permits to be approved. Emergency

The City of Fremont received a Priority Development Area (PDA) technical assistance grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and ABAG to remove Level of Service (LOS) and instead use

The steps outlined in this document are meant to provide guidance toward implementation of Senate Bill No. 743 (SB 743), which eliminates the use of Level of Service (LOS) as the basis for identifying

To fight greenhouse gas emissions, Senate Bill No. 743 (SB 743) is working to reduce the amount of driving. Transportation — and particularly passenger cars — is responsible for 40% of all greenhouse

This March 2020 presentation to the Hayward Planning Commission on implementing Senate Bill No. 743 (SB 743) and vehicle miles traveled covers: Senate Bill 743 Comparison of Level of Service (LOS) and

This Grant Awards Table (PDF) presents a tabulated list of competitive grant awards (totaling $1 million) funded by Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) funds received from the state of California

To ensure that all jurisdictions plan to meet the housing needs of the entire community, California requires that local governments adopt housing plans as part of their General Plan. The Regional

The Santa Clara Countywide Vehicle Miles Traveled Evaluation Tool (VMT Evaluation Tool) allows local jurisdictions and developers to estimate vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for land use projects and to

To effectively implement traffic impact analysis required under Senate Bill No. 743 (SB 743), this memo reviews relevant to the City of Fremont’s current Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) process to