Symbium Plancheck Software Available

ABAG’s Regional Housing Technical Assistance Program is offering up to 10 free, one-year licenses to Bay Area jurisdictions to pilot an innovative online tool from Symbium Corp. called Plancheck that streamlines residential site plan review for applicants and planners.

Plancheck automates the legal analysis of properties against non-discretionary local zoning codes at the parcel level. It makes zoning regulations easy to navigate, empowering anyone to quickly conduct an initial assessment of what’s possible on a piece of property. Plancheck saves staff time by automating responses to routine questions, allowing them to focus on more complex, discretionary analyses. Plancheck also ensures that regulations are consistently applied and reduces the time needed to train new planning staff on complex regulations. 

ABAG will hold the contract with Symbium for these licenses and provide log-in credentials to pilot participants, who will then work with Symbium to customize the tool for use on city or county websites. Learn more about Plancheck in this brief video (Password: ABAGPILOT). 

How to Apply - Deadline 5:00 pm, December 22, 2021

It’s easy to apply to be considered for a free Symbium license, just complete this short online questionnaire. Responses will be evaluated based on the local jurisdiction’s commitment to accelerating housing and how Plancheck would be used to address existing bottlenecks in processing residential permits. If we are oversubscribed, existing technology at the local jurisdiction may be required for participation. The text of the questionnaire is  linked here for ease of reference, but responses will only be accepted via the online survey.

The deadline to apply online is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 22, 2021. If you have any questions, please email Heather Peters.

More About Plancheck 

With Plancheck, members of the public and planning staff can enter an address online, select any project scope (i.e., construct a new single-family residence), and Plancheck will instantly display only the relevant zoning regulations that will impact the project, including often overlooked regulations (i.e., heritage tree regulations). The tool will also perform an instant initial compliance check of the project against non-discretionary regulations such as lot size, setbacks, and structure size, allowing applicants to adjust project specifications to come into compliance prior to submission of their application forms to speed processing.

Plancheck can also link to fillable versions of all required application forms, including often overlooked forms (i.e., applications for right of way encroachments) to produce more complete and compliant applications. Additionally, Plancheck can automate an editable first draft of comment letters from planning staff to applicants with links to all applicable regulations and Plancheck integrates with existing permit tracking systems (i.e., Accela) to save time and decrease data entry errors.