San Mateo County VMT Policy Adoption Technical Assistance (SB743)

Aerial over a highway in San Mateo County.

ABAG and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission are providing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Policy Adoption Technical Assistance to all San Mateo County jurisdictions needing assistance with Senate Bill 743 (SB 743) compliance. Assistance will be provided through a working group approach over several modules, each focusing on a particular aspect of VMT policy. Presentations and supporting materials for each module will be provided below.

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Module 1: Program Introduction

June 20, 2022

Technical assistance program overview, expectations and local assistance offerings

Module 2: Understanding SB 743

July 18, 2022

VMT baseline data and locally appropriate methods, metrics, thresholds and screening criteria

Module 3: VMT Mitigation

September, 19, 2022