Mountain View El Camino Real Precise Plan

The Mountain View El Camino Real Precise Plan is an example of a Priority Development Area (PDA) plan. It is based on the vision for the El Camino Real corridor set forth in Mountainview’s General Plan. The El Camino Real Precise Plan includes new principles, standards and guidelines to implement the General Plan’s vision and goals for the corridor.

The purpose of this Precise Plan is to provide a roadmap for future changes and investment to El Camino Real and its adjacent properties. These changes will transform the corridor with people-friendly places, gathering spaces, key destinations and improvements promoting safety and comfort. This document contains guidance for this change in the form of standards and guidelines for new development, direction for potential street improvements and implementation actions.

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) Program

By bringing transit, jobs and housing together in downtowns, along main streets and around rail stations, PDAs help the Bay Area reduce greenhouse gas emissions and begin to solve the region’s housing crisis.